Recommended Reading for Brides and Grooms

There are a lot of great guides out there to help brides and grooms plan their wedding.  In fact, a trip to the book store or an online search of the subject can be a little overwhelming! 


If you want to be both realistic and creative in planning your wedding, I highly recommend you read Peter Merry’s book, The Best Wedding Reception Ever!™


Peter Merry is a disc jockey and wedding entertainment industry innovator, based in California.  While Peter Merry does reflect on entertainment’s role at a wedding, the book is an overall guide to planning your entire wedding, from setting a date to hiring vendors to the big day itself.


As a full-time mobile DJ and MC, I feel that Peter Merry’s book provides brides and grooms with a chance to focus their vision in terms of planning their wedding event. It is possible to be both realistic and creative and to spend wisely without cutting corners. However, planning and research are essential in order to create an outstanding, memorable experience for your friends and family on your wedding day.


Peter Merry’s example weddings and lists of pros and cons provide brides and grooms with a number of realistic examples of how their planning might turn out given different choices you might make. His years of experience as a “Wedding Entertainment Director” allow him to address a variety of options, such as the daytime wedding vs. the evening wedding, scheduling a wedding at different times throughout the year, when and how to schedule photos, and what type of entertainment to hire.


With weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars and taking one to two years to plan, reading a few books and articles on how to invest your time and money only makes sense. I highly recommend you include The Best Wedding Reception Ever!™  by Peter Merry as one of these pieces of research. It’s certainly the kind of book that will get a bride and groom (and their family and friends) talking about their ideas for their wedding day.


The Best Wedding Reception Ever!™ by Peter Merry is available for purchase on



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4 thoughts on “Recommended Reading for Brides and Grooms

  1. Bri,

    Thanks for the glowing review of my book. I’m happy to announce that we have already sold 10,000 copies! Not bad for a self-published author. But the most exciting part is the feedback we have been receiving from brides who are reading it literally around the world.

  2. This is a must read book for any bride to be planning a wedding no matter how big or small. I also highly recommend this book for anyone in the wedding business, or if your planning on getting into the wedding industry. It’s very educational.

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