From “I Do” to “Thank You”: How to Use a Microphone Properly at Your Unique Hudson Valley Wedding

Many people rank “Public Speaking” as one of their greatest fears.  Giving a toast or presenting a reading at a wedding–not to mention the couple themselves saying their vows or giving a thank you speech–becomes even more challenging when they’re unfamiliar with how to use a wireless microphone.

Here are a few tips from public speaking coaches and experts to help make your wedding moments involving a microphone go smoothly–feel free to share with friends and family that you’ve asked to provide a ceremony reading or give a reception toast as well!

How to Speak into a Microphone by TJ Walker

Giving Speeches and Toasts On A Microphone by Brian S. Redd

How to Hold a Microphone by Impromptu Guru

Proper Microphone Use by Richard Male

Using a Microphone for Public Speaking by The Public Speaker

Public Speakers:  Five Tips for Using a Microphone from the Washington Times




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