Photo Slide Show

Photo Slide Show and Memory Montage Services from DJ Bri Swatek

Share your memories with your friends and family on your wedding day!

Using your pictures and favorite songs, DJ Bri Swatek can create a Memory Montage / Photo Slide Show looking back on special people and moments through the years.  Scanning and layout services are available.  Or, supply DJ Bri with your own custom-made photo slide show if you prefer.

DJ Bri can provide your choice of Flat Screen LCD TVs or a Projector and Screen to display your Memory Montage or Photo Slide Show during your wedding for all your guests to enjoy.

Hudson Valley Wedding DJ Bri Swatek Spinning with Style TV Set Up Villa Borghese

When Do We Show It?

Typically the best spots for a Memory Montage or Photo Slideshow during a wedding reception are during dinner (after the main course is served) or after cake cutting (following the service of dessert and coffee). Your guests are seated already, and they now get to share your memories during this point in the wedding.  However, I have also had couples incorporate their photo slide show into their cocktail hour, grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, or Viennese hour.

What Do We Need to Give to You?

I provide all of my couples at DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style with a Memory Montage Planner as a guide through the process of planning the photos, songs, and text to share with their family and friends on their wedding day. The Memory Montage Planner provides information about how many photos and songs to choose, as well as the best way to order these memories from beginning to end.

Although photo slide shows can vary in length and style, I usually advise my couples to choose 80 images (30 on each side and 20 as a couple) and 3 to 5 songs (2 on each side and 1 as a couple.)  At approximately 7-8 seconds per photo, this adds up to a 10-15 minute slide show, which is usually the right length for viewing at a wedding reception.

Hudson Valley Wedding DJ Bri Swatek Photo Slide Show Projector

Some couples choose to hire me to create their entire Memory Montage, while others choose to do part or all of the work themselves. In the second case, to ensure the best results for the Memory Montage or Photo Slideshow, here are a few suggested guidelines to follow when organizing and / or creating your slide show . . .

Guidelines for Scanning Your Memory Montage Photos

Prior to Scanning / Arranging Your Photos

Scanner Glass: Make sure your scanner’s glass is clean and free of dust and / or dirt. You may need to re-clean the glass occasionally throughout the scanning process, as older photos collect dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth and the manufacturer’s recommended glass-cleaner only.

Photos: Your photos may also need to be cleaned or prepared for scanning. Never apply any cleaning solutions or liquids to your photos, as that may damage them. Rather, use a soft, dry, low-dust cloth to gently wipe any dust or dirt off of your photos prior to scanning.

Number: For a typical wedding Photo Slide Show or Memory Montage, the recommended number of photos is 80—that’s 30 each and 20 together as a couple. At approximately 7 seconds per photo with a 1 second transition, you will end up with a slide show that is about 10 minutes long—just the right length for viewing.

Order: Place your photos in the order that they will appear during the actual Memory Montage, from first to last.

Orientation: Place your photo on the scanner glass in the orientation in which it will be used, either vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).

Scanning Tips

Size: For 3.5 x 5″ or 4 x 6″ photos (or larger), set your scanning software to at least 100% of the original photo’s size. For wallet-sized or older photos that are especially small, set the output size to 200% of the original photo’s size. Do not make the scanned image any smaller than the original photo’s size during the scanning process.

DPI: Set your scanning software to 200 dpi (dots per inch) or higher for the best resolution for a photo slide show.

JPEG or TIFF: Set your scanning software to save files in the “.jpg” or “.tif” format.

Filters and Tools: If your scanning software offers the option of a dust and / or scratch filter to enhance your photos, please turn it on and use it. Your scanning software may offer tools such as red-eye removal, automatic correction of color, brightness, and / or contrast, and the ability to crop your photos. Use any of these tools as well if they enhance your photo.

If you follow these guidelines, your scanned images should be around 500 kb – 1 mb or larger when saved.

Saving and Sending Your Scanned Photos or Custom-made Photo Slide Show

Saving: After you have the scanned image of your photo, save it with a file name that corresponds to the list you are creating on your Memory Montage / Photo Slide Show Planner. Consider using a numbering system for the file names to keep them in the correct order. Use the scanning tips to make sure your photos are the right size and format.

Sending: If DJ Bri is creating your Memory Montage, save your scanned image files to a data disc or jump drive to send them along with your planner. You will receive a proof from DJ Bri 2 weeks prior to your event. Please *do not* send any photos to be scanned by DJ Bri through the mail. All photos to be scanned should be hand-delivered directly to DJ Bri and will be returned at the wedding.

If you are creating your own Photo Slide show, please send it to DJ Bri at least 2 weeks prior to the event to ensure playability and/or compatibility.





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