Advice on Avoiding Family “Drama” on Your Wedding Day

Worried about family “drama” on your wedding day?  Here’s some great advice (as always) courtesy of Judy Lewis from  In her latest Hudson Valley Magazine article as “The Wedding Guru” Judy addresses this very concern:

While the specific issue in Judy’s article is about divorced parents, her advice about planning and communication could apply to any family concern that a bride and groom are worried about leading up to their wedding day. 

As the owner of Spinning with Style, I, DJ Bri Swatek, am sometimes faced with a very similar situation before announcing the Grand Entrance introductions into the Reception.  I always recommend that my brides and grooms create a well thought-out plan in advance of the wedding and that they keep the lines of communication open with their family about these plans.  Your family members may not always be able to agree on every aspect of your wedding plans, and–especially in a divorce or separation situation–they may not always be happy with one another, but given planning and communication, everyone should be able to be happy for the bride and groom on their big day!


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