Planning Music and Events for Your Unique Hudson Valley Wedding

When planning the music and events for your unique Hudson Valley wedding, what are the most common mistakes to avoid?  How can you make sure that all of your guests have a great time, all of your special moments are set to the music you love best, and that your dance floor is packed all night long?

Hudson Valley Wedding Ceremony at Candlewood Inn Set to Music by DJ Bri Swatek Courtesy of Surprise Photography

Hudson Valley Wedding Ceremony at Candlewood Inn Set to Music by DJ Bri Swatek Courtesy of Surprise Photography

The first step is to hire a professional Hudson Valley DJ who specializes in weddings and will *listen* to your requests.  The second step is to work closely with your DJ service to create a plan that avoids common wedding music pitfalls.

The great folks over at The Knot recently published an article called “Wedding Music: The Top 10 Wedding Music Mishaps.”  Interviewing DJs around the country, Justine Lorelle Blanchard at TheKnot.Com came up with an excellent list, including tips such as insisting on meeting the actual DJ who will be performing MC services at your wedding in advance, varying your play list to include different types of music for *all* of your guests, avoiding requesting too many specific songs, and thinking about the overall flow of your wedding reception.

Read Blanchard’s interviews with top wedding planning experts about each of these topics.

As the owner of DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style, a DJ service specializing in weddings in the Hudson Valley of New York, I would offer up my own #11 to this great wedding planning list:

11.  As a couple, you will set the overall style of your event.

More than anything or anyone else, you two will set the tone for your guests on your wedding day.  Your friends and family have come to celebrate your marriage, and they will follow your lead throughout the event.  If you visit tables, your guests will stay at theirs, waiting for your arrival, hoping to get a few minutes to talk with you.  When you’re at the bar, outside the venue’s ballroom, or in another location, your guests will also migrate there, to be with you.  And when you’re on the dance floor, your guests will know that the party’s started!

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